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Australia’s Leading Retirement Community Is Leading In Food Delivery

Aveo Newstead, Australia’s first integrated retirement community, is a pioneer in this area. The 19-story tower, which is the only retirement community within 3km of Brisbane CBD, was designed for people who want to move into retirement but not sacrifice the lifestyle they have enjoyed over the years.

Aveo Newstead is a complex of 144 apartments, 1,2, and 3 bedroom apartments, and 154 aged care bed. It has high quality of life, with 2 levels dedicated to residents’ leisure activities such as virtual golf, bocce, gym, cinema, beauty salon and day spa. The crown jewel is the incredible food offered by a fine dining restaurant as well as private dining facilities. This is what one would expect to see in a 5-star hotel, rather than in a retirement community. John Casey, Aveo’s National Food Service Manager, was on hand to talk about how Australia’s leading retirement community is leading in foodservice delivery.

John Casey is the National Food Service Manager. He oversees foodservice in Australia, which includes 94 sites and 70 kitchens, and feeds more than 13,000 people. It’s an amazing job and it feels great to have the opportunity to influence people’s perceptions about food in aged care and retirement. Aveo is very focused on the quality of the food they deliver. Aveo’s team is passionate about improving retirement and aged care by providing better nutrition and food. They also understand that seniors have different nutritional needs. Aveo works closely with Nutrition Professionals Australia (NPA), to make sure they provide this.

The kitchen at Aveo Newstead is equipped with both RATIONAL Self Cooking Center(r) and Vario Cooking Center(r) units along with Garland Master Series. John says that there is a high demand for the kitchen and that it must deliver the quality service our residents are looking for. John also mentions that the equipment needed to do this is essential. The Garland range is strong and durable, with cast iron burners that are reliable. The Rational combo oven has solved many problems. The Self Cooking Center(r), which allows us to prep plate, rehydrate and make texture-modified meals, is a great tool. The Varo Cooking Center(r) is fantastic too, this multifunctional unit it is so much more than a bract pan. It can be used as a deep frying pan on Fridays, and then for pasta and casseroles throughout the week. John Casey, National Food Services Manager, stated, “I’ve been using RATIONAL combo ovens since quite some time. I know their capabilities and understand what they can deliver, especially when it comes to an environment like this. So I made sure that RATIONAL was specified into the kitchen very early in planning stages.”

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