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Food Sanitation A Number Of Crucial Things To Consider

Food sanitation is should be something that each person pay attention to seriously due to its importance in helping us to consume only healthy and hygiene food for our own health. As a matter of fact, crucial thing such as food sanitation is very important to maintain the quality of food for the prevention of disease as well. Our body in order to avoid the disease, it takes effort and integrity of food hygiene. This can be discussed from the quality of such food does not decay, non-toxic, has good nutritional value and are not harmful to health. To have good quality food, it takes a very beneficial food sanitation to prevent disease.

Activities of environmental health for the storage of food and drinks are very influential in maintaining the quality of food. Thus, in addition to choosing nutritious foods, environmental factors such as food processing places, equipment, and how the serving is also very important to note. These factors are extremely important for each of us to consider in food sanitation. Some things to consider in food sanitation is how you will maintain personal hygiene while preparing food. For example, you should wash your hands with soap and water before touching food. You should wear clothing that is clean, tidy hair, and wearing gloves to process certain foods. Once you feel clean, you must know the food hygiene. Wash all food under cold running water.

You also have to store food in the refrigerator for durable use foil or plastic wrap. Storing food properly is essential in food sanitation. Also, when cooking fish, rice, meat, tofu, dairy products, and poultry, you should use a temperature below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This is will protect the food from germs. Food sanitation is not only about your hygiene and food, but also clean utensils and how to serve. For cleaning utensils, make sure you wash with soap and running water. You also have to wash all utensils after use and when it will be reused. Maintain cleanliness of utensils can also prevent diseases that could enter the food to be processed. After that, the serve of the food must also meet the standards of food sanitation. An example is to use a plate that already washed and dried. If using a spoon, fork, and knife, wrapped with a tissue before use. All food sanitation rules are very useful in order to maintain the quality of food to avoid the disease.

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