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What Are The Benefits Of Deep Frying Food

Deep fried food is often described as “tasty but unhealthy” by most people. Deep fried food should be avoided at all costs. But is this really the truth? Despite negative media coverage about fried food there are still some benefits for customers and restaurants.

Are fried vegetables more nutritious than boiled?

This is a fascinating question that may have surprising answers. Researchers from the University of Granada published last year in Food Chemistry journal findings that showed vegetables have more phenols if they are fried in extra-virgin olive oil than when they are boiled in water. Three cooking methods were used by researchers to cook four vegetables: tomato, eggplant, potato and pumpkin. Deep-fried vegetables could be healthier than boiled. Experiments were conducted to determine which method of cooking released the most phenolic compounds. This is a healthy antioxidant found in vegetables. Surprise! The vegetables that were fried had higher levels of these antioxidants than those that were boiled or raw. Professor Cristina Samaniego Sanchez explained that extra virgin olive oil is a heat transfer medium and increases the amount of phenols in vegetables. This contrasts with other heat transfer methods like boiling which uses a water-based heat medium. Samaniego stated that frying vegetables did not improve the quality. However, the calorie count was higher. This research may have a positive impact on restaurants’ decisions about whether to buy deep-fryers for their health.

Easier than traditional cooking methods

Deep-frying is faster than other methods, which is a benefit for chefs and restaurant owners. The heat transfer between hot liquid (oil), and solid food is faster than that between heated air (oven), and solid food. Deep frying is an option for restaurants and cafes that need to deliver food quickly and accurately. Deep frying is not possible for all foods. However, it can be used to quickly and accurately prepare food for customers who are hungry.

Tender end product

Deep-fried food is tender, and it doesn’t dry out. Cooking food too long in many appliances, such as microwaves and commercial ovens can lead to serious health problems. If food is left to heat for too long, it can cause burns and dry out. This is not the message chefs want to send to their customers. It doesn’t matter how long you fry it, the inner layer will keep its moisture intact. It’s all there! If left alone, the outer layer will eventually become unpalatable. However, it doesn’t affect the contents of what’s inside.

Improved flavor

We all love the taste and smell of freshly fried chips. When customers open their fish or chips, they want the oils and fats to be sealed in so that when they take a bite, the flavor is bursting forth. Deep-fried foods taste better than any other cooking method to some people. Food prepared in commercial cooking equipment will always taste more delicious.

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