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What The Fact? Cook-chill With Joni

All models in the Joni commercial kettle series can be used for a large production kitchen. However, the Opti Mix kettle is best suited for cook-chill as it can connect to either an external chilling system (or to the main water supply) to quickly chill the contents.


If you are using an external chilling system for cooking, hot water from the steam jacket is circulated through an ice bank. This chills the water and then flows through the steam jacket to chill the kettle. The steam generator will automatically restore the water level after the chilling is complete. The number and size of chilling systems and the ice banks/chilled water reservoirs will determine the dimensions. This information must be determined by Combater, or a chilling system contractor. They can also assess whether existing chilling devices can still be used, and whether chilled water/ ice can be stored overnight, when electricity is scarce.

This method is highly efficient in chilling products as it uses very little water and keeps the temperature at 0.50C. It also prevents edge chilling, which can occur when the water is above freezing point. The stirrer will slowly but steadily and gently heat the food, ensuring that it is chilled quickly and maintains its desired consistency. The kettle can also be used to chill water from the mains. Water is fed through the steam jacket and chilled by the kettle. The steam jacket then allows the kettle to drain via the floor grates. This is an easy way to chill, but it requires a lot of water and the chilling effect is dependent on the temperature.

Joni’s Opti Mix range comes standard with Auto Temp 35 control. This includes an electric tilt with Tilt Back and digital control and display for the inner kettle temperature. A clock with an alarm function, and Water Level Automatic. This standard feature ensures that operators can be present at every stage of the cook-chill process. Food safety is the top priority. The kettle can also be equipped with the Auto Temp 55 control. This allows you to set the chilling steps directly from the control panel. The function optimizes the water quantity according to the selected chilling step and food temperatures. The steam generator will automatically restore the right water level after the chilling process is complete. Joni makes volume cooking and chilling easy. Send us an email to discuss your concerns.

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