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How Can Hospitals Improve Food Service

A trip to the hospital is something that no one enjoys. You will be turned off by the pain, boredom, and general environment. Hospital food is crucial for patient recovery, despite the jokes. Patients who eat poorly for three to four days can have their stay extended if their daily nutritional requirements aren’t met. There is also the possibility of hospital-acquired foodborne illness (nosocomial gastritis), which can occur both in Australia and around the world. In Listeria was found in ham sandwiches that were served to Queensland Children’s Hospital patients and their families. Fortunately, no one was affected. Success story – “My Food Choice” in NSW’s public hospitals.

Cantering in NSW’s public hospitals has not changed much in the past 30 years. Technology such as Wi-Fi and the internet had advanced, hospital stays had declined, and food service elsewhere had improved. So, the NSW government initiated My Food Choice” in. It’s now in use at all NSW government hospitals. Its main feature is the incorporation of technology to increase patient satisfaction. Patients can choose from 18 hot meals for lunch or dinner, and the time it takes to order and receive meals is less than four hours. Food intake is monitored and malnutrition and food waste are reduced.

Patients are shown photos of their meals on tablets and orders sent via WIFI to the kitchen. To manage their work, the kitchen staff uses touchscreens. This streamlines reporting for managers. The old tray assembly line was replaced by agile stations where staff fill orders they personally took. The staff deliver the plates to their patients and then return them clean. These staff are trained in customer service and record the food that patients eat for nurses and dieticians on their tablet. Purchased custom-designed Collection trolleys and high performance dishwashers, which improved both Work Health and Safety standards and efficiency.

Hospital food service to other states

Many hospitals are adopting technology to streamline their processes and reduce waste. Electronic menus are now available with healthier options for patients than traditional paper ones. They recently conducted their own review of hospital food in Victoria. They have reaffirmed their focus on the quality, appearance and variety in food. They ensure that health services are representative of different cultures such as kosher and halal. Victoria’s nutrition standards will be focused on young Victorian patients who spend long periods in hospital. They will provide food that is both nutritious and appealing. Local producers and industries from Victorian will be utilized whenever possible. Fremantle and Royal Perth, King Edward Memorial, Sir Charles Gairdner, King Edward Memorial, and Rockingham General Hospitals were all part of the Programs to provide pre-prepared meals. Patients could choose the meal they liked by using menu cards that included helpful descriptions.

Key Takeaways

  • Send electronic menus with photos showing the dishes
  • Offer a variety of meal options
  • The menu can be provided on the day of your meal
  • Culturally inclusive
  • Training staff for customer service
  • Make sure you invest in the presentation of your meals

Launceston General Hospital Department of Health says that “Please think of our chefs who are cooking 3000 cups of beans.” Patients like them crispy, while others prefer them soft. The amount of salt depends on the individual’s taste preferences.

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